About Binkley

The big sign just inside our front door says “All Are Welcome.” We want you to know that at Binkley, these aren’t just words. And yes, we really do mean “ALL.”   In this church, founded more than half a century ago on the principles of racial inclusion and the inclusion of people from different faith traditions, we try to practice what we preach today as much as ever.  A church that welcomes and affirms all without regard to sexual orientation, race, wealth, physical ability, political affiliation, nationality or gender.  We are convinced that everyone who walks through the doors is a child of God, infinitely loved and definitely welcome!

Binkley Baptist Church is a community of faith on a journey that calls for questioning, humility and conviction. As followers of Jesus, we embrace spiritual growth, mutual care and service, assured that as we serve our neighbors, we joyfully serve God. 

We share worship that is creative, thoughtful, and intellectually honest, balancing contemporary elements with the beauty of traditional styles. Music is a very important part of this experience. A visitor to Binkley might walk the Labyrinth on the floor of our sanctuary during Holy Week, listen to a contemporary musical arrangement of Wendell Berry’s poetry during the summer, bring a pet to the Blessing of Animals in the fall, or participate in the candlelit beauty of our traditional Christmas Eve service with full choir, instrumentalists, and organ.

We participate in building Habitat for Humanity houses, sponsor refugee families from Burma, help build schools in Palestine and Brazil, travel to Brazil to visit with Alliance of Baptist congregations, and regularly volunteer at the Interfaith Council, Meals on Wheels, and other area programs. Our Earth Ministries committee works to keep our congregation “green.” We have a decades-old partnership with Barbee’s Chapel, a primarily African-American congregation, and enjoy pulpit exchanges and monthly fellowship meetings together. Our church building houses a thriving Preschool and is also used by a host of community groups.

Once you are inside the doors there are many ways to find out more about Binkley.  There is a Visitor Table in the Narthex with someone to greet you and there are Welcome Cards in the chair backs during worship.  You may also speak to one of our Ministers. Welcome to Binkley! is an informal question and answer session that is offered several times during the year. It provides an overview of Binkley, its mission and ministries, and the opportunities that are available. It is also a great opportunity to connect with other new members, church leadership, and current members of Binkley.  However you choose to learn more, we look forward to greeting you.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, there is a place for you here at Binkley!