Binkley's Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in the USA



We have a humanitarian crisis in the United States! We are compelled as people of faith to take action.  There has always been human suffering, but we should always work to relieve it. We as a country are actively inflicting suffering upon others. This situation is intolerable. We must speak up against the separation of families, people being treated inhumanely, and people being marginalized because of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/identity, or citizenship status. We abhor this injustice that is taking place here in our country where we pledge liberty and justice for all. 

Unjust, inhumane treatment of immigrants, refugees and our own citizens must stop in order to protect them and to preserve our own humanity. We encourage you to join with us at Binkley Baptist Church or your own church, synagogue, mosque, temple or community group to work for the humane treatment of all people.


The Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC

Marcus McFaul, Senior Minister:

Ginger and Dick Clifford, Key Contacts:



Organization/Planning Meeting to Respond

to the Humanitarian Crisis


You are invited to attend an organization/planning meeting focusing on a response to the Humanitarian Crisis in our country.  It will be held Sunday, September 22, 2019 in our church fellowship hall immediately following the 11:00 Worship Service.  We will begin the meeting at 12:30pm.  People are asked to bring a bag lunch.  Drinks and desserts will be provided.  All are welcome!


During this working meeting we will discuss several possible subgroups focusing on various types of response.  We will also seek additional input on possible directions and activities.  We are eager to directly address the inhumane and unjust treatment that so many are facing in our country.