Earth Ministry

The Earth Ministries Committee intends to promote earth care and sustainability, worship and outreach leadership in cooperation with ministers and other church leaders and to plan, coordinate and provide information to church members about earth care events and action opportunities.  For information about this ministry please contact Charles Coble or Buck Horton.

Proclamation of Sustainability for Binkley Baptist Church

On Earth Day Sunday (April 22, 2018), the Earth Ministries Committee shared the stirring “Proclamation of Sustainability” that Binkley Church is adopting. This proclamation calls us to community-wide change, but all change takes time. What are the next steps? What are some practical things we can do now to get going? Read the proclamation by clicking the link above.

Binkley Church Solar Panel Initiative

Click HERE to read the proposal that delivered our Solar Panel Initiative.

In the fall of 2015, the Church Council of Binkley Church unanimously approved an Earth Ministries recommendation to install 20 solar panels on the roof of Binkley Baptist Church and a strategy to pay for doing so – voluntary contributions beyond the approved church budget. The fund-raiser was conducted during Lent Season beginning February 14, 2016. The fund-raiser was very successful and provided for the installation of 50 solar panels!

Installing the solar panels on Binkley Church has helped:

  • Reduce Binkley’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce the energy cost of Binkley Church
  • Educate our congregation about solar energy
  • Make a statement about caring for God’s creation – the earth and all it’s creatures
  • Make a statement about social justice, since the poor are bearing the major impacts of climate change

There is sufficient roof space to add additional solar panels in the future, which we hope the congregation will be inclined to support in future years.

Do you have an idea for an environmentally friendly or helpful service activity or volunteer opportunity that we can do as a church for a couple of hours over a day or two in the next several months? Please submit any ideas to Charles Coble.

Want to know how our solar panels are performing? Click here.

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Co-Chairs: Charles Coble and Buck Horton.

For a copy of the Binkley Earth Ministry Pledge click here.