Binkley members are active in a variety of efforts to support justice and peace in our local community and wider world. Some of the organizations or activities where you can become involved as a part of Binkley’s Outreach ministries include: Habitat for Humanity,The Refugee Resettlement Team, The Binkley Brazil Partnership, The Racial Reconciliation Ministry, The Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Program, Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America (BPFNA), just to name a few.

The Board of Outreach is a standing board of the church with representation on Church Council, and convenes on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the church lounge. Membership on the Board of Outreach is open to members and friends of the church while the Chair must be a member of Binkley.

Among its most prominent functions in the church is the responsibility and privilege to guide the church in its endeavors to exemplify the gospel teachings of Jesus in the community and world today. Therefore, the Board of Outreach seeks to educate the congregation on matters of poverty (by financially and physically supporting the ongoing efforts of organizations like the InterFaith Council for Social Service – IFC), Healthcare, Peace, Education and Refugee Resettlement.

Every year the Board of Outreach receives requests from a variety of service minded organizations. These requests are for both financial and people power. The Board hears these requests and then decides how to relay them to the larger church body. The Board of Outreach also serves as the liaison body between the church and Binkley Preschool. In this capacity, the Board hears reports, gives counsel and assists with communication between the Preschool and Binkley.

If you would like to hear more about Outreach at Binkley or possibly serve on the Outreach Board, please contact Art Sherwood, chair, at artsherw@ieee.org.