Inter-Faith Council for Social Service (IFC) was founded in 1963 through efforts of Robert Seymour and other members of the faith community to address gaps in the social safety net. IFC has emerged as a leading provider of social services in our community.

The mission statement: “IFC meets basic needs and helps individuals and families achieve their goals. We provide shelter, food, direct services, advocacy and information to people in need. We accomplish this through strong partnerships with volunteers, staff and those we serve. We rely on active involvement of caring individuals, congregations and other community organizations.”

Numerous Binkley members have been and continue to be active IFC supporters and volunteers. There is a volunteer orientation on the second Tuesday of every month at the IFC office, located at 110 W. Main St. The IFC website is located at www.ifcweb.org.

Contact Don Willhoit at don_willhoit@bellsouth.net or 919-942-2571 to learn more.