Children's Issues

Children’s Issues
Young children are at particular risk in our society, and are the most likely to be living in poverty of any age group. The rate of infant mortality in our state and country are much higher than in most developed countries in the world. Our society has struggled with how to adjust to the changing social and economic forces on families and particularly on how to protect, care for and educate our youngest people. Many organizations have come into being in the last few decades to address children’s issues. The North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute has a long history of action to improve the lives of children across a broad array of areas from health to social welfare to child care and education. They produce a state index of child well being and work closely with many other organizations in our state for legislation and policies to protect and enhance the lives of children.

The North Carolina Partnership for Children and our own local Orange County Partnership for Young Children focus specifically on the needs of children prior to kindergarten entry with a major emphasis on improving the quality of child care, education, and health services – especially for children who are at risk of difficulties as they enter school. A number of other agencies have somewhat more specialized activities. Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools is the Head Start grantee for southern Orange County while the Chapel Hill Training Outreach organization is the grantee for northern Orange and also operates Early Head Start for the entire county. The Child Care Services Association works for children and families in need of child care and supports local child care agencies.

The Interagency Coordinating Council seeks to work for children with special needs regardless of where they are receiving services. Binkley supports two specific early childhood programs. The Binkley Preschool provides part day services for families seeking preschool experiences to advance their intellectual and social development. The Preschool is a part of our Binkley organization and occupies space in our Education Wing. In the Summer of 2009, we have supported the launch of a new child care program, Operation New Life Child Care, which is a private nonprofit organization seeking to provide high quality child care and education to a broad array of families with the specific intent of including significant numbers of low income families from our community. There are many opportunities in these various organizations for working toward a just and supportive society.
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