Dispute Settlement Center

The Dispute Settlement Center (DSC) is our community mediation center with roots in the criminal justice reform and peace movements of the 1970s. Founded in 1978 through the efforts of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom activists Charlotte Adams, Tan Schwab, and Beth Okun, DSC is North Carolina’s original mediation center.

DSC’s philosophy is that many interpersonal disputes can be resolved by the parties with the help of trained neutrals and that a building block of democracy is people’s ability to resolve their own problems respectfully.

DSC provides mediation, conciliation, facilitation and training services for all  demographics in the community, including youth. DSC also assists Orange County courts with a wide variety of disputes. Programs operate on a sliding scale basis.

Types of mediation include neighbor, separation/divorce, eldercare, workplace, Medicaid Appeals, Special Education, and organizational. DSC mediators train youth and adults in conflict resolution and mediation skills.

Youth programs include peer mediation training in schools, trainings in public housing neighborhoods, and intensive work with juvenile offenders and their families, using restorative justice principles.

Binkley supports DSC through its outreach funding.

To learn more about DSC visit www.disputesettlement.org or contact Frances Henderson, Executive Director at fhenderson@disputesettlement.org or (919) 929-8800 ext 11.