Orange County Justice United

Orange County Justice United

    Justice United provides an exciting way for Binkley members to express their faith through social action.  It  is a broad-based non-partisan organization representing 25 religious congregations and 13 other groups including neighborhood associations, student groups, and non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, committed to building power for sustainable social and economic change in Orange County.

    Justice United represents a diverse population--Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Pentecostal, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic.  A public celebration of its founding was held in October, 2009.  Four hundred and fifty people attended.  Twenty-five congregations and thirteen other groups signed a covenant to support Justice United with time, energy and money.  The event began with a half hour of lively gospel music.    Candidates for election to the town councils and school board were invited to the meeting and challenged to say that if elected they would meet with Justice United to discuss our agenda.  All of the candidates said "yes'!

    Affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky, Justice United begins by building relationships--one by one, with people in the community. Over the past year, hundreds of people have taken part in conversations about the most pressing issues impacting Orange County families and the dreams they have for themselves and their communities. The problems felt most passionately included healthcare, education, living wages, immigrant families, affordable housing and the environment. Justice United trains leaders, builds relationships within and between institutions, identifies and does research on issues of mutual self-interest, and participates in disciplined, organized action.

    Action teams do research on issues identified by citizens by talking with as many key people as possible, including county and local officials.  When appropriate, action teams ask the whole organization to support an "action."  Sometimes this means one hundred or more Justice United members appearing at a town council or county commissioners meeting to support speakers on particular issues.  Justice United been successful in blocking the placement of a waste transfer station in an African-American neighborhood; convinced the Chapel Hill Town Council to adopt a living wage policy for its employees; worked with owners of low income apartments to eliminate bed bugs in homes rented by immigrant families.

     All are welcome to join in this effort to make Orange County a more just, humane, and peaceful place for all its citizens.   For more information, please check the Justice United website:

         Contact person: Paul Lindsay      929-5817