Racial Justice

Racial Justice
Groups actively working in our community to address issues of dismantling racism and seeking to create and sustain racial justice in our local community:
(1) Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP is currently focusing on closing the achievement gap in our public schools, seeking environmental justice for the Rogers Road community, working to eliminate institutional racism in places of employment, and recognizing the significant and on-going historical contributions of African Americans in the history of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and the University of North Carolina.
(2) CEER (Coalition to End Environmental Racism) works with the Rogers Road community to fight environmental racism. Formed in 2007 in response to efforts by Orange County government to locate a waste transfer station in the Rogers-Eubanks community, CEER works to create community awareness of environmental justice, to reject placement of still another waste facility in their community, and to fight for just compensation for their 37 years of living with the Orange County Landfill and its effects on their 150-year-old historically African American neighborhoods. Visit CEER's blog at http://rogersroad.wordpress.com/

(3) chcPACT (Chapel Hill-Carrboro Parents Advocating for Children Together focuses on working to close the achievement gap in our schools. The goal of chcPACT is to find ways to make sure that the schools work for all children, fulfilling their mandate to educate and nurture all children, particularly African American and Latino children, who thus far have been poorly served by the local schools. Visit chcPACT's website at:    http://www.chcpact.org/
(4) Barbee's-Binkley Racial Reconciliation Ministry is a partnership between Binkley Baptist Church and Barbee's Chapel Harvest Word Church, an historically African American congregation located on Barbee's Chapel Road in Chapel Hill.  Through this long-time ministry, the two churches plan joint worship services twice a year, and meet once a month to share concerns and discuss issues of race and justice, both local and national.  Past activities have included mission projects such as serving a meal and offering a fellowship service at the Women's Prison in Raleigh, working together on building several homes through Habitat for Humanity, putting on a major yardsale fundraiser every other year, and organizing a community forum entitled Racism in the Criminal Justice System. Everyone is welcome to attend Racial Reconciliation gatherings.  Just call or e-mail the church office to find out when the next gathering will be!
Contact person: Nancie McDermott     nanciemac@yahoo.com      360-6934