2019 Women's Retreat

In the Light of Self-Compassion

Binkley Women’s Retreat

May 3-5, 2019 – Salter Path, NC

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To-do lists only seem to get longer, not shorter, in the digital age, as we try to stay present and involved with family, friends, and church -- in addition to work and volunteer responsibilities, as well as activism for justice in a world of need. How do we keep the balance? How do we refresh our souls? How may we rekindle the truth that compassion for others grows best in a soul that cares for herself?

Join Binkley women (and invite friends) for a weekend of walks on the beach, practices of self-compassion, rest, self-care (physically and mentally), laughter, and spiritual renewal. The Trinity Center is our host, and May is a lovely time to be at the beach. Registration forms available on Stephanie Ford’s door. Contact Stephanie Ford, stephanie@binkleychurch.org for more information.