Stewardship 2018

Our Stewardship Campaign this year has chosen the theme “We are God’s Hands on Earth,” taken from a sermon by our previous minister, Rev. Peter Carman.  There are many ways in which we as a congregation truly are “God’s Hands.”  Whether it is through our work with the IFC, our congregation’s partnerships with other churches, our support for local hunger relief and mental health services as well as various ministries throughout the world, our embodiment of the “All Are Welcome” invitation to our wider community, our personal support of each other. we are truly “The Hands of God.”

With the beginning of a new year for Binkley Church we now solicit your financial support for the work before us.  On February 4th, the stewardship campaign will culminate with a “Walk of Faith.” This time-honored tradition gives members, friends and supporters the opportunity to come forward to bring your new, increased or reaffirmed 2018 pledge card to the Communion Table. In preparation for the Walk of Faith on February 4th, we ask that you consider the many ways in which Binkley Church has supported you during the past year, and then think about the ways you can help Binkley achieve its mission of building a compassionate and joyful community, freely exploring spiritual paths, and pursuing justice and peace in the name of Jesus.