Seymour Symposium 2019


Registration is required for this event. Please register by noon on February 28. If you miss the registration deadline, you are still encouraged to attend. Please call or email the Binkley office (919-942-4964; to let us know you’re coming.

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Symposium overview

These days, we find ourselves in times of deep change, times of fractured certainties.  The 2019 Seymour Symposium invites us to gather for sustenance around some stories of hope, of resilience, and of grace.  We need the gifts of conversation, of questions, of dance and song, of drumming and puppet pageantry, and a shared meal to restore our spirits.  Serene Jones says: “These are hard days.  Be gentle with yourself, kindle hope, double-down on whatever spiritual practice sustains you.  Our world needs all the love you can give it.”  

Featured Guest/Keynote Speaker

Serene Jones, President, Union Theological Seminary, and Johnston Family Professor for Religion & Democracy

A highly respected scholar and public intellectual, the Rev. Dr. Serene Jones is president of Union Theological Seminary in New York City, its first woman president in 182 years.  Jones is deeply interested and outspoken in issues informed by theology, women’s studies, and ethics.   Her most recent books are Trauma and Grace (new edition issued Spring 2019) and Call it Grace: Finding Meaning in Fractured Times, published March 2019. 

About the Seymour Symposium

The O. T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church was founded in 1958 as an inclusive community of faith, following in the ways of Jesus. The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Seymour was the congregation’s first pastor, inspiring and leading Binkley members to challenge racial injustices in Chapel Hill and to fight other social justice battles, including LGBT rights.  The Seymour Symposium honors Rev. Seymour’s progressive ministry, while helping us to grow in faith in addressing the injustices facing us today.